Since the company started in 1978, we’ve improved it, built on it, expanded it and made it into a truly global organization.

We are inspired by our customers’ needs, but meeting them is not enough. We want to go beyond client expectations, always aiming higher and building on core values.

1978 - We pioneered the airline door-to-door chauffeur service with companies like Virgin Atlantic.

1998 - By popular demand, we responded to the needs of the corporate market and established our extensive international affiliate network.

2002 - We launched the Tristar Premium Service and introduced high touch Roadshow and Events Departments.

2006 – Responding to the needs our transatlantic customer base, we launched our own operation in the US, head quartered in Boston.

2008 – Increasing our international coverage, we entered our first franchise agreement in France, a key European market.

2009 - Looking beyond Europe, and in recognition of the growing importance of the Asian markets in the world economy, Tristar opened an office in Hong Kong in 2009.

2010 – We established our own fleet in New York.

2012 - The acquisition of M7 Transportation almost doubles our US footprint and means that over 35 percent of the group business is now generated outside the UK.

2016 – We expanded our reach in Asia Pacific and opened a sales office in Shanghai.

As our operations expand around the globe, so do our people – Tristar now proudly employs over 700 individuals worldwide.

We’ve always put our clients’ needs first and making sure that you stay at the heart of all our future plans is our top priority.