Great Service - It's More Than Just a Car

10 Jan 2014

It is always nice to get some feedback from clients, well done Amar...

Mr Fogarty,

I wanted to inform you on the outstanding job done recently by one of your drivers Amar. My office had booked the car for the day but there is no way Amar could have been prepared for what was to follow. The day started with him picking me up at Logan Airport after a 16 hour flight from Tokyo. He then took me to three different meetings in Boston followed by a pick up of my daughter before heading off for the long ride to New York city.

I was exhausted but thanks to Amar I did not have to worry about the meetings, the traffic, the schedule or my daughters safety. He was the most professional driver I have had in years on every level imaginable. All he focused on was customer service.

I travel a great deal and have drivers every day. Amar is one of a kind. A great asset for Tristar.

Kind Regards,